Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like a Christmas!!

We hosted out first Thanksgiving this year. And i'm happy to say it was a success.. Even though both of us were sick. I have shingles, and ian has a cold :(. Lets just say shingles suck.. and im hoping the spots are gone before Maui... The pain lasts for awhile though.. I go back to the doc on wed. But back to turkey. We had 3 different kinds of pie pumpkin, cherry, and pecan, stuffing, greenbean casserole, homemade cranberry, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, and of course turkey!! It was all really good.. I am actually enjoying cooking. I made Turkey and Dumplings for dinner tonight with the leftover. And they were good.

Last night was Dads 50th bday party, and it was so great. It was a surprise party, and boy was he surprised!! I thought he would get mad but he didn't, not even when the belly dancer came out. And his present was perfect!! Heres a few pics
Our house is decorated for Christmas now.. The tree is almost done. Its up and the lights are on.. ornaments will go up tomorrow. The outside lights are up to, along with a blowup snoopy..
It looks a little different now, the top lights wouldn't stay up because of the wind.. But thats ok i still like it alot. I'm so happy that we have our own house to decorate how we want.. We saw santa at Kennelwood and had our photo taken as usual
And today we went to Petco and did pictures with the picture people.. That was fun.. Pics to come soon.... Oh and MAUI Here i come.. Almost time to start the countdown to paradise!! Can't wait.. .

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hello Again

Been a while since i have blogged.. We had our Haunted Housewarming Party and it was great!! Thanks to the family and friends that helped our first party be such a success..
Well now that Halloween is over.. All i have on my mind is Christmas!!
Decorating, Shopping, Music etc... It's all i can think about right now. I don't know why. We have decided to put up our tree and decorations before Thanksgiving. So it will kind of be a mash of the 2 holiday.. Thanksmas... lol.. This year will be our first thanksgiving in our new house. My parents, my brothers family, my Granny D, and possibley Ian's sister will all be coming over for thanksgiving.. I'm so nervous.. But really excited because i will finally have a reason to use our wedding china, and silverware!!
I have already started Christmas shopping... Not buying a whole lot for people this year.. but some special people will not be forgotten. :) The have appointments to get groomed and have their photos taken with Santa on Nov 21. Hopefully they can behave.. we have little sweaters and santa and elf suits.. Most likely will put them in the sweaters for the pics.
Our Maui trip is fast approaching!! I can't wait there are so many things i want to do.. But it will just be great to have a week with Ian when we have nothing to argue about... I refuse to be in a bad mood in MAUI!! Not allowed.
I have also taken up a new hobby. My mom gave me my Christmas present early.. She bought me my sewing machine!! It's alot of fun, and a great way to spend my extra time. I made my first project and it turned out pretty well. I'm thinking i will try to make Christmas Stockings next... Wish me Luck

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Less then a week until the party. Have to finish cleaning the house, gotta get Ians costume put together. I guess i will start baking cupcakes, brownies, and other goodies on thursday night. A little more light decorating to do still, and going to Sam's to shop for food on Wednesday. On top of all this junk, have a busy week of work too. But im off wed, and saturday this week.

Saw another great movie this weekend. Capitalism a love story. It was really interesting, and i learned a lot of new things. I won't spoil them here, but you guys should totally go and see it, or at least rent it when it comes out on DVD.

Today was my nephew Alex's 8th bday party. I can't believe how fast they are all growing up. It makes me sad a little... they won't be my babies, and i won't have my own for a long time.. if ever at all. He had a nice party. It was at the Bowling alley where a good friend of mine works. It was also soccer themed.. Which is funny to have a soccer themed party at a bowling alley. But it made him happy.
After the party i went shopping for a little bit with my mom. Got a skirt, shirt and one of those little wrap sweater things. Then we headed over to Stuckmeyer's Pumpkin Patch. We got 3 Pumpkins to carve for the party, and at lowes i got one of those Dremel pumpkin carving tools, so we will see how much easier it makes it. We have to either go back to Stuckmeyer's or go to Rombachs, next sunday. They ran out caramel apples, and cider and we have a tradition in my family. Plus we didn't take my dad or the dogs.

Speaking of dogs, we have been tossing around the idea of moving Misha in with us. We decided today that we are going to try it after the Halloween party. We're gonna take her to the vet,and have a full checkup, take her to get groomed and get her a new cage. It's going to take some work for sure but she is getting older, and i really don't think she will have that much of a problem adjusting, and if it doesn't work out my parents have said she can come back with them.

For those that don't know or forgot Misha, she is our spunky little Corgi Ian got me when we were first dating..
Shes a great little dog, but she is very strong minded, and we had a hard time with her. But we are much more experienced dog people now, and i think she will be happy here. Anyways only time will tell... Wish us luck...

Oh almost forgot.. I was listening 105.7 the other day, and found out that The Flobots will be at Pop's the friday after thanksgiving. I really think we are gonna go, tickets are only 15 bucks. The only problem is the venue.. pops always smells really bad.

Anyways night

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The dress is trashed!

My dress is trashed. We had a great time we didn't have as much time as i wanted. We forgot about the stupid Rams game. We got stuck in traffic and took a wrong turn on a one way street. But we got some assistance from a friendly cop. LOL. Anways here is our preview. Have more pics soon i hope.

We saw Zombieland this weekend it was really good. Not your typical zombie movie, had a great storyline. And one of the most amazing cameos ever!! I'm not going to ruin it for anyone, but lets just say it was surprising.

The Halloween Party is coming up really fast. We the house decorated, its almost done. Just needs a few final touches. I got everything for my costume. Just decided to take the easy way out and be a Witch. We still haven't decided for sure what kind of food we will have. Thinking about having hamburgers, hotdogs, maybe chili, some dips, and sweet stuff.

Fall is definitely my favorite time of year. Most likely going to Stuckmeyers Pumpkin farm on sunday after Alex's bday party. We will get some pumpkins to carve for the party and then go again with the puppies after the party. It should be fun taking both of them at the same time. There is a alot of fall stuff going on in Newtown too. The day before halloween they are having a "Hoedown" , and Halloween there is a party and a craft fair. Plus we are going to another Halloween party the weekend after ours.

Just a few more months till Maui!! I can't wait. It can't come fast enough. It will be strange not being with my side of the family on christmas. But it hasn't been the same since Gramma died anyways. I need to start Christmas shopping soon. I have a few ideas for certain people, but others im just clueless.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Damn rain....

Today should have been the Trash the Dress photo shoot. But since to the rain and overall crappy weather it is now rescheduled for next sunday. So we have to try to keep the dogs clean until then. They had their overnight stay at Kennelwood on thursday. They did really well, only problem is they wouldn't eat much, but hopefully they will get over it during the week stay. They also got a free grooming session. They look so cute now, they got Audrey all puffy.
We have made some progress on the house. Most of the Halloween stuff is up, and we got the living room almost done. I would like to get another set of shelves from the Container Store. Why is it there are never enough funds or time to get what you want done. The garage still isn't done being cleaned out. And we have to figure out tables and stuff for the party. But progress is progress right.
Still tossing around Halloween costume ideas. I am down to a final 3.

First up is Harley Quinn from Batman. Found one to buy online not too expensive and best of all fully covered.. but it is a little tight. Still i should be able to move around and host a party no problem.

Next has a few options.. A waitress, a devil... etc..
I used to have dresses like this in highschool and have been looking for them for a while. Found the red today at the dickies store. And still debating on ordering the black one. Still really easy to move in, and not slutty. But still cute, plus i will wear it after.

The last one is the first idea i had. A female version of the Scout from Team Fortress 2. I can't find a good copy of the pic. But i have a feeling someone who reads this knows who i am talking about. Also a pretty easy costume to make and everything purchased can be worn again. I would of course be on the red team, Ian is thinking the Engineer from TF2 or an old school white shirt black tie engineer. So any advice.. input or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

This week is the start of all our tv shows except Lost which doesn't start until Jan 2010. My dvr might explode. The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Cleveleand Show, Heroes, House, The Office, Law And Order SVU, Americas Next Top Model, Bridezillas, Modern Family, and Spongebob. All of those shows will now record on a regular basis. I love getting back to the fall lineup. Its why i hate summer nothing on tv... Plus we will have another season of Dexter, and we need to catch up on True Blood.

We saw The Informant this weekend, it was pretty good. And now we are listening to the NPR radio show of it. Still need to go see 9. And can't wait till ZOMBIELAND comes out.

Following a few new interesting blogs., Much of this site is devoted to Bacon... A site with cute animals and a guy yelling at them... Cake need i say more.

Anyways busy week ahead. Lots to get done, and not alot of time to get it done.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Home Improvements....

I have been very much neglecting this blog, and i was recently called out on it.... Sorry.. Where to begin..... First of all... Kansas City was great. We spent some time with some friends, saw an amazing movie Inglorious Bastards, and ate the most amazing Cheeseburger in my life.... I wish i could have one now.. Damn... Now im hungry. We went to the Zoo, which is basically like take a 3 day hike and maybe seeing a few animals on the way. That Zoo is so huge that i didn't even get to see all the animals. I usually never leave a zoo without seeing all the animals... Heres a few pics we got before my camera died.

After the Zoo, we also went to a shopping plaza called Legends. It was pretty neat. They had some cool stores. Me and Ian both found the Converses we have been looking all over for. I got purple low tops that im gonna wear in part of my Trash the Dress session, and he got gray low tops. We also ate at a resturant called T-Rex, it's a lot like the Amazon Cafe but it's dino themed. I liked the atmosphere and i had a great Caesar salad and the coconut chicken strips were yummy, but it was all kind of overpriced. We also stopped by Dave and Busters so the boys could play video games. I convinced Ian to go in the photo booth and we did one of those pictures that combines two photos to see what your baby would look like.

That is a photo of the giant pink low tops from the converse store.. I almost forgot the best part of our little vacay. We stayed for free at the complex my dad works for. So it was actually a really cheap vacation. I wish we could go back for the opening night of Zombieland. But that isn't gonna happen. On the way home we tried to stop at the Russel Stovers store for some yummy treats for family at home, but they were closed. Jokes on them, they lost out on money.. i love chocolate. We did stop at a little diner on the way out of Kansas City. It was really good. I had French Toast, Ian had chicken fried steak, and we split a half order of biscuits and gravy. It was way too much food, and we were both stuffed afterwords.. It was all really good. I highly recommend it. I wish i could of had dessert though, they had one of those fancy cases, and it had a huge red velvet cake in it..
We have finally decided to have a housewarming party. We are having a Haunted Housewarming party October 17 stating at 4. We will have prizes for the best costumes, and a photo scavenger hunt so people can see New Town. So we have been preparing for this party. This weekend we painted the living room, and next week we will finish decorating it, and finish cleaning out the garage. We just got done painting a few minutes ago, but here is a picture when it was only half done.
And thats the creepy guy Ian painted with our demo colors. The next step is to hang empty picture frames, and pick the accent color. We also have two pictures, and two shelves to hang. We got some really neat gray paint we are going to paint the downstairs bathroom with. We are toying around with the idea of the pink and the brown for the bedroom. Still no clue what to paint the kitchen. But we will have a better idea once the new chairs come in... Oh i almost forgot the awesome table we got. Audrey chewed our old little wooden table to pieces so we got this one from the Warehouse of Dinettes in St Charles.
There is no way she will be able to chew threw the metal.. And it's perfect if we get stuck in a smaller place. I can't wait till the chairs come in.. Hopefully we have them before the party... Well thats all for now.. Ian wants to use my computer..

Monday, August 17, 2009

An exciting weekend for a change..

Friday night after work we saw District 9. I had mixed feelings at first when Ian said he wanted to see this at the theater. But then he went on Rotten Tomatoes and saw the rating it got. It was really high, so we saw it. I loved it.. i must say maybe one of the best movies i saw all summer. I never thought i would get teary eyed in a Sci Fi flick. But i almost did, i really cared about the Prawns. Especially the little kid one...

Saturday had to get up and work as usual. But Saturday night we went out with some people from my work. We went to Fast Eddie's first which was ok. The drinks were good, and really cheap, but all the food except for the french frys were to spicy for me. Plus it was really crowded, we had to fight for the tables we had, and then you have to defend your chairs the whole time. We stayed there for a while, and then headed to the Holiday Inn for Karaoke. It was the most fun i have had in a while. A couple people from our group sang, and were really good. I sang a few times but wasn't really taking it seriously i was just goofing around.

And then something really scary happened yesterday. Ian was driving to Dierbergs, and i asked him if he wanted to go to Petco too. Well he took the turn a little fast, and came close to a guy on a motorcycle who failed to yield at the sign. We kept driving and parked at Petco, and then the guy parks next to us, gets off his bike and tries to open Ian's door. Luckily it was locked then the guy started banging on the window telling ian to roll down the f####@# window, and ian said no, the banged a little mirror yelling at him to slow down in bleeping parking lot. Finally he left, and went somewhere else, we were afraid the guy might come back, and do something to my car while we were inside.

This weekend is gonna be great.. i can't wait. We are driving down to Kansas City after i get off work for the weekend. The plan is to see "Inglorious Bastards" with one of our good friends. It's really the whole reason we are going down there is to see it with him. All 3 of us having been waiting for this movie all summer, so it better not disappoint. I think we are also going to go to Crown Plaza, and maybe the zoo. We will see what happens, we won't get in until really late friday night. Hopefully they have a really late showing. We are staying at a hotel on friday, and staying in the guest apartment at my dads work on sat. So i just have to clean the house, and make it through one week of work.. Who knows maybe i will get my new tattoo this weekend too. I have been kind of wanting it before i do the Trash the Dress picture shoot. The problem is that i have decided what i want and were to put it, but i can't decide on a color. I am going to get a heart shaped peace sign on the inside of my left wrist, but im not sure if i want it to be bright and colorful like purple or just black. Ian says i should get in rainbow, but that might send the wrong message.. What do you think????

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trash/ Celebrate the Dress

I have finally found a photographer i love for our Trash the dress/ celebrate the dress session. I met and talked with her today. I took all 3 wedding albums down, and we discussed ideas and locations. We decided that my fancy st louis wedding dress is the one i am going to "trash". But i am not really going to trash it much. We are just going to do alot of stuff with water, and thats the one i decided to get wet. My other dress we are going to be a little more careful with. We decided to do alot of pictures here in New Town, and we are also going to do some at the graffiti wall downtown at the riverfront. Ian is going to be in some of them too, they are going to be pretty causal. He's just going to wear dark jeans, a white button down shirt,and maybe a tie. I'm just going to have my hair down, and do my own makeup, and might wear the veil in some. We are even going to have the dogs in some.. I am so excited!!! Right now we have a tentative date of Sunday Sept 30, but we might do it sooner... PICS TO COME SOON!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Well, we have a new addition to our furry family. We are now the proud parents of a Dwarf Nether land Rabbit named Milton Hershey. We got him last weekend, and he is very friendly and starting to do much better with his litter box training.

The Netherland dwarf is the smallest of all the rabbit breeds, he will only be about 2-3 pounds tops... We got him from a really nice guy in Farmington, I originally wanted a Hedgehog but they are really hard to find. So maybe in a few years.
My job is going really well, i had my 3 month review the other day, and now i am officially an employee. Yay!!
I have really been considering going back to school lately. On Thursday I went to Sanford Brown, to learn more about their Vet Tech program. I think that is something i could be pretty good at, considering i own a small zoo at my house. Unfortunately it's not going to work. They require class on mon wed and friday from 8 am to 4 30 pm. There is no possible way i could work full time and have that kind of school schedule. Which really sucks, and the worst part was the lady interviewing me was really pushy. She accused me of not being ready to commit to my future, which i thought was a harsh statement. I am totally ready to commit to my future, I did it once already just a year when i married Ian. The problem now, is with the house mortgage and, everything we just can't afford me not working. So Ian had made another suggestion of maybe going to business, and finishing up my associates degree. I really need to call Meramec and get a copy of my transcript, to see how many of my credits would transfer. I guess i just really want to finish school so i have something i can be proud of myself for.. Don't get me wrong, i have a great job that i love, and i am very lucky to have fell into a career with no education like i did. But i have really gone as far as i can. I have been in the Optometry field for almost 10 years, and am i getting a little bored. I have always had the dream of opening a small used book store, and now that we are in New Town i might be able to. At least Business school could give me an idea on how to run it. It's so funny, i already have it all planned out. I want to open a pet friendly book store, that sells used books, magazines etc, but also dog treats and toys. I will call it "Happy Tales" get it, it's kind of cheesesy i know. But so am i.. Well gotta go, i have a hot fudge cake in the oven calling my name

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Last weekend Ian accidentally left my car unlocked. Well some asshole who lives in New Town decided to take advantage of the opportunity. When we woke up the next morning my glove box was open, and my beloved TOM TOM was missing. Called and reported it, and believe it or not i actually got it back. Pretty lucky right. well don't worry who ever did it, got whats coming to them. We heard that they broke into ten cars that night. They got two guns that we know of, and rumor has it they are being evicted from New Town. Pretty harsh, but they shouldn't be messing with other peoples stuff.

Last Wednesday we were both off work so we went to the Zoo. I managed to get a few good pictures before my camera went dead.

We went down to South County last night to hang out with Kyle. We got there much later than planned, went to dinner, and bowling, and then Kyle was tired. So me and Ian went and saw 500 Days Of Summer. It was a really good movie, kind of sad but i still enjoyed it.

Today we got up early and drove back to South County. We had breakfast we my family. We haven't seen them in over a month. We went to Pet Smart and got some treats for the dogs, and then went to my parents house and played with the dogs for a while. OMG Cooper is huge, i wasn't paying attention and he knocked me in the stomach with a giant paw, and i think im going to have a paw shaped bruise. He's so cute though, i wish i could have a giant dog again. It makes me really miss Grady. Anyways here are some pics.

I'm thinking of playing games again... Any suggestions....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vacation Approved, and Computer up and running!!

Things are going great right now!! My vacation request is approved, and in five months me and my wonderful husband, and his family will be spending Christmas on the sunny beaches of MAUI!! It's so freaking amazing. We didn't think we would be taking a real vacation until our 5 year anniversary when we are going to finally go to Disney World. But thanks to my Wonderful In-laws, we will be joining them on their Christmas Holiday. I was really worried that i wouldn't be able to go, i just started my new job, but luckily they approved it. I'm not even really missing a whole week of work, the way the holiday works, turned out great for me, and of course Ian will be off that whole week after we get back he's lucky i know.

My new Bike came in. We try to ride at least a few times a week. I was really worried that i wouldn't remember how, but so far i haven't crashed. It's actually really fun.
Of course the other really great thing that has happened recently i am using right now. My new computer finally arrived!! I think i'm in love. It's so nice to be on the internet and not have to be in Ian's cave. My desk is perfect, now all i have to do is get my die-cut machine and i can start scrapbooking again. I'm even thinking of taking up sewing, but we will see about that. Anyways without further ado.. I introduce my new place to spend all my free time....

How beautiful is that monitor.. At first i thought 23 inches might be going overboard, but i decided to spoil myself. And of course Ian didn't argue, being married to a geek does have it's advantages. The only part you can't see is the actual tower itself, which is black and pink. But everyone knows what a computer tower looks like, just imagine it in black and pink. So many thanks to my awesome husband for putting together an amazing office and computer.. :)

So tonight we went to dinner at the Big Sky Cafe in Webster Grooves with Ian's parents for his moms birthday. It was really good, i had scallops and for desert Chocolate Bread Pudding.. It was so yummy and im still so full.. After we left we stopped at Walmart on the way home, and i didn't realize until we were leaving that it was the one where my brother works, so i stopped and had my picture taken with him. Well not him per say, but his picture...

Well, for some reason Pandora has quit working, so i supposed thats my cue to head to bed. I'm not tired though, and theirs so many things i want to start working on, now that i have a computer and printer.. But... Goodnight

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First of all, I apologize to the two people who actually read this blog for the lack of updates. I am once again without a computer, and am currently sitting in ians man cave on his computer. But i have one on order plus a charger for my laptop. I am going back to the desk top for a while. And with my awesome desk i got for our 1 year anniversary how i could i not. Here is a pic of the unfinished project.
I am making an office in the upstairs 2nd bedroom, so ian can have his cave, and i can have my nook.. I might even be getting a new friend just for my office. I am debating on getting a Russian Tortoise. The only problem is they live forever, and i don't know who i would will him to. This isn't the one i found but he looks alot like him.
I went to the bike store in Old St Charles and ordered a bike. I haven't had a bike since i was maybe 13, hopefully i remember how to ride and don't break my neck. We all know i tend to be accident prone. I'm really excited, maybe i can get my flabby body in shape..

This is my new ride.. I love how classic and old school it is, plus no hand breaks!
I found a very funny video online today..

Might be going on vacation at Christmas time.. The island of Maui has been tossed around. And if i was anymore excited i might explode. I am just so tired of the same thing, get up go to work, come home, go to bed.. repeat. Just make it to the weekend. Have one day off, and then back to the routine. I just hope the trip works out. I'm not sure when im allowed to take vacation at work, so im going to go in today and ask. Well, better get ready for work.. I can't wait till my computer gets here. With its beautiful 23 inch flatscreen montior, and pink tower... Oh wait i almost forgot to mention our new phones. We stuck with AT&T , it was just to expensive to break contract. Still couldn't get the iphone, so we both got the blackberry bold. I was weary at first, i always thought blackberry was strictly a business phone. But i could't have been more wrong. I love it. The main reason is it can stream pandora. I love pandora.

One last thing, Happy Belated 1 year Anniversary to my hubby. Love you, we made it a whole year who would have guessed. Well, i guess it depends which wedding you count we have another anniversary in a month. :)

Also RIP Michael Jackson.. even you guys that are sick of hearing about him have to admit he was a damn good artist.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's been a while since i have posted....

Well, i haven't posted in a while.. haven't done much really worth posting about. We both have been working alot lately, and it pretty much has us both burnt out. We would love to take a vacation.. but it's just not possible right now, i have only been at my job for a month so i have to build up some vacation time. We are debating moving up our Walt Disney World Trip to next year instead of 4 years from now. We did go to the zoo a few weeks ago to see the Sting Rays, we got up early on a sunday and everything was free the 1st hour. It's the best way to go. Not that i am against supporting our amazing free zoo.. i am actually thinking of becoming a zoo friend. I just think it can be pricey for some of the things. Anyways heres some pics
It was really hard to get a good pic of the stingrays, they were fast. It was pretty cool petting them, but you can't pet them if you are allergic to shellfish, thats what they eat. They have a sign stating this but i figured i would post a heads up public announcement.
We rode the carousel too, also free...
Enough of the Zoo, the other topic today is UP!!
I cannot believe how much i loved this movie. I won't ruin it for everybody but it had a little of everything. One of the most romantic love stories ever, comedy and some suspense. I think it might be a little scary for real young kids, but it's something both parents and kids can enjoy. I really cared about the main character, and the plot was full, plus the talking Dog was a great addition. We didn't see it in 3d but maybe we will see it again in theaters. Well i need to go to work.. might add more to this tonight if im not too tired