Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like a Christmas!!

We hosted out first Thanksgiving this year. And i'm happy to say it was a success.. Even though both of us were sick. I have shingles, and ian has a cold :(. Lets just say shingles suck.. and im hoping the spots are gone before Maui... The pain lasts for awhile though.. I go back to the doc on wed. But back to turkey. We had 3 different kinds of pie pumpkin, cherry, and pecan, stuffing, greenbean casserole, homemade cranberry, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, and of course turkey!! It was all really good.. I am actually enjoying cooking. I made Turkey and Dumplings for dinner tonight with the leftover. And they were good.

Last night was Dads 50th bday party, and it was so great. It was a surprise party, and boy was he surprised!! I thought he would get mad but he didn't, not even when the belly dancer came out. And his present was perfect!! Heres a few pics
Our house is decorated for Christmas now.. The tree is almost done. Its up and the lights are on.. ornaments will go up tomorrow. The outside lights are up to, along with a blowup snoopy..
It looks a little different now, the top lights wouldn't stay up because of the wind.. But thats ok i still like it alot. I'm so happy that we have our own house to decorate how we want.. We saw santa at Kennelwood and had our photo taken as usual
And today we went to Petco and did pictures with the picture people.. That was fun.. Pics to come soon.... Oh and MAUI Here i come.. Almost time to start the countdown to paradise!! Can't wait.. .

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