Monday, May 18, 2009

Bark in the Bark and other things

So work is actually going great, I'm really excited. I think I'm picking things up fairly quickly and easily. Saturday morning we were headed to Jens house for Bark in the Park, and stopped at McDonalds. We got hit sitting in the drive through.... I was so ticked, luckily Ian was driving. We took the guys info, it's not very bad but he did break my reflector. So we might get it fixed not sure yet. But we finally made it to Bark in the Park and it was great.. So so much fun. Dogs were everywhere, every kind, size, and color. And they were all so friendly. I was in heaven. They had some neat stuff to see too. There was a sea world exhibit and they brought penguins.

I got to meet Charlie the Tortoise who escaped from his petstore last year.
They had a wall up sponsored by Purina, and both dogs got to put their paw prints up on it. Raphie didn't really like it very much. He doesn't like to get his paws dirty. They even gave us mini ones to take home, which are now hanging on the fridge. Neither of theirs really look like paw prints though.
Jen, and Chopper went with us too. Poor Chopper he was so tired by the time we were ready to leave, and poor Jen carried him all the way to the car.He's so cute though, he was Mr Popular at the park, everyone loved him.
After Bark at the Park we had some time to kill before going to a college grad party for my neighbor so we went and visited Sarah and her dogs for more puppy hilarity. I love living in New Town i just wish it wasn't quite so far away, I mean its not horrible, but 45 minutes for the drive home isn't the greatest. Enough whining though, back to the puppies. We had both our dogs, and Sarah brought out Niblet and Freddy. They all had so much fun together. And Freddy is just so damn cute i can't stand it.. The pics i took of them all are really funny because Audrey is all black and in contrast Freddy is all white.

Of course its not really easy to get a good picture of any of them. They are all too fast. After all the fun at Sarah's we went to my parents house for a much needed mini nap, and then went to Lisa's party. She just graduated from College which is weird because two-three years ago we went to her high school grad party, and we had just gotten engaged. LOL. This is her and her yummy DQ Ice Cream Cake.
The picture is her horse with a graduation cap on. Oh i almost forgot my brother Cooper came to the party too. He is getting huge, i almost can't walk him he's so strong. And he's nowhere near done growing.
But he's so cute, i can't resist that face. Sunday was a pretty low key day. Ian had Piano lessons, and then we had lunch and went to Lowes and Petsmart. It's funny we used to spend our money on video games and dvds and stuff like that. But now we buy lawnmowers and weedwackers and hanging plants and get excited about it. I guess thats part of growing up and buying a home. The yard and front of the house look so good now, i will take a pic of it later today. I also cleaned the house sunday, and Kelsey and Tom came over sunday night, and we had dinner at Beatniks. I love that place, i got a sandwich called Euro Clubbin. Its a club sandwich with turkey, ham, applewood bacon, mayo, and a fried egg, it also has veggies on it but i got it w/o, plus they have sweet potato fries!!! And i almost forgot desert, C rem Bruelle cheesecake sorry not sure how to spell it, but it tasted amazing. I really hope they stay in business. That's all for now, off to work!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday RALPHIE!!!

I can't believe my baby boy is a year old already!! Ya, i know he's just a dog but anyone who knows me and Ian know that he means alot to us. Here he is as a little puppy
He was the biggest out of his litter. I originally wanted a little bitty guy, but it was love at first sight..And it wasn't just me, Ian loved him too.
They are always so cute together. Ralphie went through all 3 courses of dog training at Petsmart, and is so smart. I wanted to have him be a therapy dog, but we want to wait a while so he can calm down, anyone who has met him knows he can be a bit hyper..

And now Ralphie has a sister named Audrey.. We have been really proud of him, his trainer thought that we would have to be a one dog household, and he proved her wrong.. Look how much they love each other....

Happy Birthday BABY BOY!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Belated Mothers Day!!!

I had my last two days at work. Friday it was just me and the doctor all day. I think it went really well, i hadn't been there all week. When i got there, my desk was covered with things for me to do, on top of everything i had to do to run the office by myself. But just about everything got done. I was really proud of myself, i just left a few things for the girls to do monday. But i would rather have things done right to begin with then have to fix it later.. That's always kind of been my moto. Saturday it was the doctor and i and one other girl.. And we were busy... the whole time. Plus it was my turn to clean the bathrooms, we didn't get out of there until 1 20 and we close at 1. Oh well no big deal, im done there and i like to think it ended on good terms. I expressed to the doctor how much i liked working for her, and that the main reason i left was i didn't feel comfortable or respected, and she said that it would have gotten better if i gave it time... Saturday we gave the house a much needed cleaning, and Ian's family came over and then we went to dinner. It was really nice we went to Texas Roadhouse.. I'm happy i married into a family that likes a good steak as much as i do... Lol.. We gave Ian's mom her Kindle 2, and i think she was really surprised, i hope she likes it as much as i do. Sunday we got up early and saw Star Trek!! That movie was amazing, i was really surprised. I have never been a Trekkie, but i think i am going to get some of the old episodes off netflix. Then we went down to South County, and i met up with my Mommy, and my Sister in Law Jen for some much needed mani pedis. It felt so good, and now my nails, and feet look so pretty. I think mom even liked it. She never can relax enough to enjoy it. Then we had dinner at Pasta House and we gave mom her present. It wasn't much, we just got her a New Town shirt, and it was orange like the house. But i think she liked it. Today was a big surprise.. Ian got off work at 10, so we could spend the afternoon together...So now he has to work for a while on friday. So we practiced driving to my new work, had lunch, got a birthday present for Ralph mouth, and got a push lawnmower. Afterwards we came home cut the grass, and i pulled weeds and went for a really nice walk with the dogs.

Look at that view, we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. And the Organic Farm has animals now...Cows, chickens, and donkeys they are so cute...
So tomorrow is my first day at my new job. I have my scrubs in the laundry now, but i won't get to wear them long. They supply my uniform.. Oh boy. Wish me Luck!!Oh, and please keep my Mother In law in your thoughts, she fell today and busted her nose, and dislocated, and broke her shoulder. She should be going home tonight, but it will most likely be a long and painful recovery.
And in honor of our moms

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!! You guys do so much for both of us and ask little in return. We love you both very much, and thanks again for the most beautiful wedding, reception, and second reception ever!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Being sick sucks....

It's a good thing i was off today, or i would have had to call in sick... When Ian left for work at 5 30 today he woke me up, and i have been sick ever since. I guess i have food poisoning, im not sure. My last day at work is on saturday, which i am very grateful for. Things haven't been going well at all. I ordered Ian's moms mothers day gift.. i would post what it is, but i have a feeling she reads my blog. So she will just have to wait till sat or sun. My mom couldn't think of anything she wants so i am just going to spend the day with her, we are gonna get manicures and pedicures, and lunch maybe go shopping we will see. When i ordered his moms present, i ordered something for myself. I couldn't resist, my camera has been getting worse every day, so i am getting a pink sony cybershot t-90. I was going to get a more expensive complex camera, but i will wait till i get some more money. Speaking of pictures here is a pic of the gargoyles Ian got for the porch.
We just noticed the other day that Audrey's ears are starting to go up. It makes me sad, she won't be my little puppy anymore. See look how much she's growing...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy friday

We are finally done at the apartment. We turned in our keys Wednesday night. We haven't gotten any phone calls about owing any money, so hopefully our deposit covers anything they find wrong. The carpet cleaned really well, except for one spot where i think something has been leaking the whole two months we have been gone. But it doesn't seem like anything is getting done there at all. All of our neighbors have moved or are moving soon. We did take one final picture in front of our door.

You can also see both of our new haircuts. Ian is currently having band practice in the basement.. Man are they loud... the animals are freaking out. I didn't know that when i got Ian his drum set.. which is his 1 year anniversary present, that we would have practice at our house. I went and sang with them for a while, but i couldn't even hear my self think, much less sing. I guess im just not used to garage/basement bands. He went to lowes and bought a wedding gift for Eric, and he bought me a Gargoyle for the front porch. I will take a picture of it tomorrow, hes so cute. So tomorrow i work, and am leaving an hour early so we can be at Eric's wedding in time.... hopefully Andre goes.... I have one more full week left at work, and then im done. It is kind of bittersweet, because i love the dr i worked for. Just not really a fan of the rest.. Oh well. Hopefully i am making the right choice. I have heard really good things about the new place, and they were all really friendly during my interview. I think we might actually be getting neighbors next door. I hope so, its kind of strange living next to an empty house. Well, im hungry hopefully ian will want to go get food after band practice... Ooo I finally got my VW Bug back, im so happy! That rent a car sucked... Thats all for now....SO LONG APARTMENT..... Honestly i won't miss you that much....