Monday, May 18, 2009

Bark in the Bark and other things

So work is actually going great, I'm really excited. I think I'm picking things up fairly quickly and easily. Saturday morning we were headed to Jens house for Bark in the Park, and stopped at McDonalds. We got hit sitting in the drive through.... I was so ticked, luckily Ian was driving. We took the guys info, it's not very bad but he did break my reflector. So we might get it fixed not sure yet. But we finally made it to Bark in the Park and it was great.. So so much fun. Dogs were everywhere, every kind, size, and color. And they were all so friendly. I was in heaven. They had some neat stuff to see too. There was a sea world exhibit and they brought penguins.

I got to meet Charlie the Tortoise who escaped from his petstore last year.
They had a wall up sponsored by Purina, and both dogs got to put their paw prints up on it. Raphie didn't really like it very much. He doesn't like to get his paws dirty. They even gave us mini ones to take home, which are now hanging on the fridge. Neither of theirs really look like paw prints though.
Jen, and Chopper went with us too. Poor Chopper he was so tired by the time we were ready to leave, and poor Jen carried him all the way to the car.He's so cute though, he was Mr Popular at the park, everyone loved him.
After Bark at the Park we had some time to kill before going to a college grad party for my neighbor so we went and visited Sarah and her dogs for more puppy hilarity. I love living in New Town i just wish it wasn't quite so far away, I mean its not horrible, but 45 minutes for the drive home isn't the greatest. Enough whining though, back to the puppies. We had both our dogs, and Sarah brought out Niblet and Freddy. They all had so much fun together. And Freddy is just so damn cute i can't stand it.. The pics i took of them all are really funny because Audrey is all black and in contrast Freddy is all white.

Of course its not really easy to get a good picture of any of them. They are all too fast. After all the fun at Sarah's we went to my parents house for a much needed mini nap, and then went to Lisa's party. She just graduated from College which is weird because two-three years ago we went to her high school grad party, and we had just gotten engaged. LOL. This is her and her yummy DQ Ice Cream Cake.
The picture is her horse with a graduation cap on. Oh i almost forgot my brother Cooper came to the party too. He is getting huge, i almost can't walk him he's so strong. And he's nowhere near done growing.
But he's so cute, i can't resist that face. Sunday was a pretty low key day. Ian had Piano lessons, and then we had lunch and went to Lowes and Petsmart. It's funny we used to spend our money on video games and dvds and stuff like that. But now we buy lawnmowers and weedwackers and hanging plants and get excited about it. I guess thats part of growing up and buying a home. The yard and front of the house look so good now, i will take a pic of it later today. I also cleaned the house sunday, and Kelsey and Tom came over sunday night, and we had dinner at Beatniks. I love that place, i got a sandwich called Euro Clubbin. Its a club sandwich with turkey, ham, applewood bacon, mayo, and a fried egg, it also has veggies on it but i got it w/o, plus they have sweet potato fries!!! And i almost forgot desert, C rem Bruelle cheesecake sorry not sure how to spell it, but it tasted amazing. I really hope they stay in business. That's all for now, off to work!!

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