Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy friday

We are finally done at the apartment. We turned in our keys Wednesday night. We haven't gotten any phone calls about owing any money, so hopefully our deposit covers anything they find wrong. The carpet cleaned really well, except for one spot where i think something has been leaking the whole two months we have been gone. But it doesn't seem like anything is getting done there at all. All of our neighbors have moved or are moving soon. We did take one final picture in front of our door.

You can also see both of our new haircuts. Ian is currently having band practice in the basement.. Man are they loud... the animals are freaking out. I didn't know that when i got Ian his drum set.. which is his 1 year anniversary present, that we would have practice at our house. I went and sang with them for a while, but i couldn't even hear my self think, much less sing. I guess im just not used to garage/basement bands. He went to lowes and bought a wedding gift for Eric, and he bought me a Gargoyle for the front porch. I will take a picture of it tomorrow, hes so cute. So tomorrow i work, and am leaving an hour early so we can be at Eric's wedding in time.... hopefully Andre goes.... I have one more full week left at work, and then im done. It is kind of bittersweet, because i love the dr i worked for. Just not really a fan of the rest.. Oh well. Hopefully i am making the right choice. I have heard really good things about the new place, and they were all really friendly during my interview. I think we might actually be getting neighbors next door. I hope so, its kind of strange living next to an empty house. Well, im hungry hopefully ian will want to go get food after band practice... Ooo I finally got my VW Bug back, im so happy! That rent a car sucked... Thats all for now....SO LONG APARTMENT..... Honestly i won't miss you that much....

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