Monday, April 27, 2009

I haven't been able to post for a while, my adorable puppy dog Audrey decided to use my laptop cord as a chew toy. So now i am borrowing my moms laptop. Tuesday night i went and stayed at my parents house, since i had class on Wednesday at midland. My car is at the repair place right now, and i have this stupid rent a car. It smells really bad, and is not nearly as nice as my Bug. Oh well. We are almost totally done at Hunters Ridge Apts, i can't wait. I have been thinking of having a house warming party for friends and family, maybe the 1st sunday in june... I had a job interview on friday, it apparently went really well, because they called me last night and told i got the job. Which is amazing, but today i had the task of giving my two weeks notice. Not so fun, it turns out they will actually need me to work the two weeks, so i will start my new job May 12th, which is Ralphie's first b-day. I am really excited i found something so quick, i haven't felt comfortable where i am now since day one. But i gave it a good shot, I started there march 1. The new place has offered me a front a desk position, they matched my current pay, and will give me benefits. They are only about 5 further away from the house, so it shouldn't be to bad of a drive. Plus it's near Ian's work so on really bad weather day, maybe we can carpool. So i am going into this with the most positive attitude i can. Being an adult sucks. I liked it alot more when the most important thing i had to worry about was homework. It's funny how that seemed so big back then, but compared to jobs, and bills to pay its nothing. Speaking of school, i really want to try to take at least one class this summer, it all depends on the hours i will have at my new job. But i might at least try an online course through UMSL.
Friday night we spent some time with Kyle, we went into town and listened to the Navy band play. We got dinner from Rudy's Ribs. I cannot tell you how much i love Rudy's Ribs. It's so delicious, i have been waiting for them to open since we moved in.
Saturday we went to Sarah's house and i met her new baby who they named Freddie. Well not so much a baby as he is a puppy. He is so cute, hes a Westie, and she got him Flaw Dogs the same place we got Audrey.
Sunday night we went to dinner at the new restaurant Beatniks. It really colorful, and the food was great. Right now they have a half menu I got French Onion Soup, and Ian got Potato Skins with pulled pork on them. They also gave us a sample of a dish i was curious in. Its a stuffed pastry crust, its stuffed with Brie, and it rests on top of raspberry sauce, with a piece of mint. It was really good, i was surprised since im so picky i didn't expect to like it. We have been looking at new laptops. Ian wants to take over mine, and im looking at a new dell. So hopefully soon.

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  1. This is why you don't have animals. They ruin technology.