Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Belated Easter

Easter has come and gone. Not to exciting this year. Went to Ian's parents and had Lamb BAAA.. I still feel guilty. I love eating at two houses every holiday. No really i do, and for a very strange reason. Both of our families eat some sort of sweet potatoe. It's one of my favorite things to eat. I still tease Ian that I married into his family for the "orange stuff" his mom makes every holiday. I have had 5 servings of sweet potatoes in the past 48 hours. Honestly if i turn Orange we know why. We stayed with his folks for a few hours, and then went over to my brother dons house. We brought both dogs with us, and there was a total of 5 dogs at the house. LOL.... They all got along pretty well, all except for Harley who was put in timeout. This is chopper.

We got a pleasant surprise, my other brother, his wife, and their two kids showed up. I was really excited because i haven't seen my niece or nephew in a while. I managed to get a pic of my two nephews being silly. I think they are on a skateboardAnd this is my niece Emma. She is very sweet but she just started being camera shy.
We got some candy from my folks, and my mom got us Marley and Me on Blu Ray. So know i can cry watching the movie at home, and in the highest of definitions. I have to work all week open to close, so i might not be blogging much this week. Plus I am really super crabby, starting to get a cold, and just frustrated with everything right now... ARGGHHH!!! I need to have some fun this weekend.. Any ideas?

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