Sunday, September 20, 2009

Damn rain....

Today should have been the Trash the Dress photo shoot. But since to the rain and overall crappy weather it is now rescheduled for next sunday. So we have to try to keep the dogs clean until then. They had their overnight stay at Kennelwood on thursday. They did really well, only problem is they wouldn't eat much, but hopefully they will get over it during the week stay. They also got a free grooming session. They look so cute now, they got Audrey all puffy.
We have made some progress on the house. Most of the Halloween stuff is up, and we got the living room almost done. I would like to get another set of shelves from the Container Store. Why is it there are never enough funds or time to get what you want done. The garage still isn't done being cleaned out. And we have to figure out tables and stuff for the party. But progress is progress right.
Still tossing around Halloween costume ideas. I am down to a final 3.

First up is Harley Quinn from Batman. Found one to buy online not too expensive and best of all fully covered.. but it is a little tight. Still i should be able to move around and host a party no problem.

Next has a few options.. A waitress, a devil... etc..
I used to have dresses like this in highschool and have been looking for them for a while. Found the red today at the dickies store. And still debating on ordering the black one. Still really easy to move in, and not slutty. But still cute, plus i will wear it after.

The last one is the first idea i had. A female version of the Scout from Team Fortress 2. I can't find a good copy of the pic. But i have a feeling someone who reads this knows who i am talking about. Also a pretty easy costume to make and everything purchased can be worn again. I would of course be on the red team, Ian is thinking the Engineer from TF2 or an old school white shirt black tie engineer. So any advice.. input or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

This week is the start of all our tv shows except Lost which doesn't start until Jan 2010. My dvr might explode. The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Cleveleand Show, Heroes, House, The Office, Law And Order SVU, Americas Next Top Model, Bridezillas, Modern Family, and Spongebob. All of those shows will now record on a regular basis. I love getting back to the fall lineup. Its why i hate summer nothing on tv... Plus we will have another season of Dexter, and we need to catch up on True Blood.

We saw The Informant this weekend, it was pretty good. And now we are listening to the NPR radio show of it. Still need to go see 9. And can't wait till ZOMBIELAND comes out.

Following a few new interesting blogs., Much of this site is devoted to Bacon... A site with cute animals and a guy yelling at them... Cake need i say more.

Anyways busy week ahead. Lots to get done, and not alot of time to get it done.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Home Improvements....

I have been very much neglecting this blog, and i was recently called out on it.... Sorry.. Where to begin..... First of all... Kansas City was great. We spent some time with some friends, saw an amazing movie Inglorious Bastards, and ate the most amazing Cheeseburger in my life.... I wish i could have one now.. Damn... Now im hungry. We went to the Zoo, which is basically like take a 3 day hike and maybe seeing a few animals on the way. That Zoo is so huge that i didn't even get to see all the animals. I usually never leave a zoo without seeing all the animals... Heres a few pics we got before my camera died.

After the Zoo, we also went to a shopping plaza called Legends. It was pretty neat. They had some cool stores. Me and Ian both found the Converses we have been looking all over for. I got purple low tops that im gonna wear in part of my Trash the Dress session, and he got gray low tops. We also ate at a resturant called T-Rex, it's a lot like the Amazon Cafe but it's dino themed. I liked the atmosphere and i had a great Caesar salad and the coconut chicken strips were yummy, but it was all kind of overpriced. We also stopped by Dave and Busters so the boys could play video games. I convinced Ian to go in the photo booth and we did one of those pictures that combines two photos to see what your baby would look like.

That is a photo of the giant pink low tops from the converse store.. I almost forgot the best part of our little vacay. We stayed for free at the complex my dad works for. So it was actually a really cheap vacation. I wish we could go back for the opening night of Zombieland. But that isn't gonna happen. On the way home we tried to stop at the Russel Stovers store for some yummy treats for family at home, but they were closed. Jokes on them, they lost out on money.. i love chocolate. We did stop at a little diner on the way out of Kansas City. It was really good. I had French Toast, Ian had chicken fried steak, and we split a half order of biscuits and gravy. It was way too much food, and we were both stuffed afterwords.. It was all really good. I highly recommend it. I wish i could of had dessert though, they had one of those fancy cases, and it had a huge red velvet cake in it..
We have finally decided to have a housewarming party. We are having a Haunted Housewarming party October 17 stating at 4. We will have prizes for the best costumes, and a photo scavenger hunt so people can see New Town. So we have been preparing for this party. This weekend we painted the living room, and next week we will finish decorating it, and finish cleaning out the garage. We just got done painting a few minutes ago, but here is a picture when it was only half done.
And thats the creepy guy Ian painted with our demo colors. The next step is to hang empty picture frames, and pick the accent color. We also have two pictures, and two shelves to hang. We got some really neat gray paint we are going to paint the downstairs bathroom with. We are toying around with the idea of the pink and the brown for the bedroom. Still no clue what to paint the kitchen. But we will have a better idea once the new chairs come in... Oh i almost forgot the awesome table we got. Audrey chewed our old little wooden table to pieces so we got this one from the Warehouse of Dinettes in St Charles.
There is no way she will be able to chew threw the metal.. And it's perfect if we get stuck in a smaller place. I can't wait till the chairs come in.. Hopefully we have them before the party... Well thats all for now.. Ian wants to use my computer..