Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wow, I worked alot of hours this week, between that and my cold no wonder i look so tired lol. We went and got the car inspected yesterday and learned some very interesting information. One of my back taillights are totally cracked, and two of my airbag sensors have been triggered. So we called Keiser Iszu and we are supposed to take my car there next week. I am just really happy we got the warranty, but im not going to pay the 100 deductible because i am not the reason for the damage. We have company in from out of town this weekend Ian's best friend Willy from West Virginia. We went to Joe's Crab Shack with ians family thursday night and i couldn't resist getting a picture of Ian in his crab bib.
We had planned to have Willy airbrush one of the walls in the spare bedroom. We couldn't decide what we should have him do, my only rule was that i didnt want any naked ladies on the wall. So you can imagine my surprise when i came home and found a copy of a piece by one of my favorite artists BANSKY.
He did it freehand, and its really close to looking just like the original, im really impressed, and excited about. The only problem is now i actually have to do something with that room. It would be a waste to keep it closed all the time. So now im thinking of turning into an office area. I would really loved to get one of those great desks from Ikea or Pottery Barn. But now i have a color scheme, black and red something different lol. Well we have company so gotta go. More later

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