Thursday, April 9, 2009

I gave in

I finally gave in and started a blog, I hope to learn a little bit about myself, and why i do what I do. I guess I will start with today, typical thursday off. The guy from design air came and looked at the air vents. Of course they won't make the noise that they normally make so the guy just took my word for it. He added a strengthening bar and said he could come back if it doesn't help it. I have learned that owning a house and renting an apartment are totally different. So many things can go wrong.. and we have to figure out how to fix them. At least most of it is warranted.. We haven't have that many problems, just funny sounds in the pipes and vents. After a long rainy day hanging out with the pups, i log onto my facebook account and find out an old friend died... It makes me so sad, we had lost touch and i haven't seen him in years but the memories are still there. I hope that wherever he might be now he is at peace. Tomorrow we are going to the old apartment to hopefully get it cleaned up and ready for the carpet cleaning guy. And maybe i can talk Ian into a trip to Garden Ridge, I really want one of those deck chairs and maybe a porch swing for our porch. There are so many different colors to choose from. Our house is Orange with cream trim... would black be too halloweeney???

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