Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's been a while since i have posted....

Well, i haven't posted in a while.. haven't done much really worth posting about. We both have been working alot lately, and it pretty much has us both burnt out. We would love to take a vacation.. but it's just not possible right now, i have only been at my job for a month so i have to build up some vacation time. We are debating moving up our Walt Disney World Trip to next year instead of 4 years from now. We did go to the zoo a few weeks ago to see the Sting Rays, we got up early on a sunday and everything was free the 1st hour. It's the best way to go. Not that i am against supporting our amazing free zoo.. i am actually thinking of becoming a zoo friend. I just think it can be pricey for some of the things. Anyways heres some pics
It was really hard to get a good pic of the stingrays, they were fast. It was pretty cool petting them, but you can't pet them if you are allergic to shellfish, thats what they eat. They have a sign stating this but i figured i would post a heads up public announcement.
We rode the carousel too, also free...
Enough of the Zoo, the other topic today is UP!!
I cannot believe how much i loved this movie. I won't ruin it for everybody but it had a little of everything. One of the most romantic love stories ever, comedy and some suspense. I think it might be a little scary for real young kids, but it's something both parents and kids can enjoy. I really cared about the main character, and the plot was full, plus the talking Dog was a great addition. We didn't see it in 3d but maybe we will see it again in theaters. Well i need to go to work.. might add more to this tonight if im not too tired

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