Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First of all, I apologize to the two people who actually read this blog for the lack of updates. I am once again without a computer, and am currently sitting in ians man cave on his computer. But i have one on order plus a charger for my laptop. I am going back to the desk top for a while. And with my awesome desk i got for our 1 year anniversary how i could i not. Here is a pic of the unfinished project.
I am making an office in the upstairs 2nd bedroom, so ian can have his cave, and i can have my nook.. I might even be getting a new friend just for my office. I am debating on getting a Russian Tortoise. The only problem is they live forever, and i don't know who i would will him to. This isn't the one i found but he looks alot like him.
I went to the bike store in Old St Charles and ordered a bike. I haven't had a bike since i was maybe 13, hopefully i remember how to ride and don't break my neck. We all know i tend to be accident prone. I'm really excited, maybe i can get my flabby body in shape..

This is my new ride.. I love how classic and old school it is, plus no hand breaks!
I found a very funny video online today.. http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1913584..

Might be going on vacation at Christmas time.. The island of Maui has been tossed around. And if i was anymore excited i might explode. I am just so tired of the same thing, get up go to work, come home, go to bed.. repeat. Just make it to the weekend. Have one day off, and then back to the routine. I just hope the trip works out. I'm not sure when im allowed to take vacation at work, so im going to go in today and ask. Well, better get ready for work.. I can't wait till my computer gets here. With its beautiful 23 inch flatscreen montior, and pink tower... Oh wait i almost forgot to mention our new phones. We stuck with AT&T , it was just to expensive to break contract. Still couldn't get the iphone, so we both got the blackberry bold. I was weary at first, i always thought blackberry was strictly a business phone. But i could't have been more wrong. I love it. The main reason is it can stream pandora. I love pandora.

One last thing, Happy Belated 1 year Anniversary to my hubby. Love you, we made it a whole year who would have guessed. Well, i guess it depends which wedding you count we have another anniversary in a month. :)

Also RIP Michael Jackson.. even you guys that are sick of hearing about him have to admit he was a damn good artist.


  1. Oh I adore Maui! That is actually where I got married. If you need any tips on where to go and what to do let me know.