Monday, November 9, 2009

Hello Again

Been a while since i have blogged.. We had our Haunted Housewarming Party and it was great!! Thanks to the family and friends that helped our first party be such a success..
Well now that Halloween is over.. All i have on my mind is Christmas!!
Decorating, Shopping, Music etc... It's all i can think about right now. I don't know why. We have decided to put up our tree and decorations before Thanksgiving. So it will kind of be a mash of the 2 holiday.. Thanksmas... lol.. This year will be our first thanksgiving in our new house. My parents, my brothers family, my Granny D, and possibley Ian's sister will all be coming over for thanksgiving.. I'm so nervous.. But really excited because i will finally have a reason to use our wedding china, and silverware!!
I have already started Christmas shopping... Not buying a whole lot for people this year.. but some special people will not be forgotten. :) The have appointments to get groomed and have their photos taken with Santa on Nov 21. Hopefully they can behave.. we have little sweaters and santa and elf suits.. Most likely will put them in the sweaters for the pics.
Our Maui trip is fast approaching!! I can't wait there are so many things i want to do.. But it will just be great to have a week with Ian when we have nothing to argue about... I refuse to be in a bad mood in MAUI!! Not allowed.
I have also taken up a new hobby. My mom gave me my Christmas present early.. She bought me my sewing machine!! It's alot of fun, and a great way to spend my extra time. I made my first project and it turned out pretty well. I'm thinking i will try to make Christmas Stockings next... Wish me Luck

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  1. You do realize that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas? The lack of respect you show for Thanksgiving is shameful.