Saturday, August 8, 2009

Well, we have a new addition to our furry family. We are now the proud parents of a Dwarf Nether land Rabbit named Milton Hershey. We got him last weekend, and he is very friendly and starting to do much better with his litter box training.

The Netherland dwarf is the smallest of all the rabbit breeds, he will only be about 2-3 pounds tops... We got him from a really nice guy in Farmington, I originally wanted a Hedgehog but they are really hard to find. So maybe in a few years.
My job is going really well, i had my 3 month review the other day, and now i am officially an employee. Yay!!
I have really been considering going back to school lately. On Thursday I went to Sanford Brown, to learn more about their Vet Tech program. I think that is something i could be pretty good at, considering i own a small zoo at my house. Unfortunately it's not going to work. They require class on mon wed and friday from 8 am to 4 30 pm. There is no possible way i could work full time and have that kind of school schedule. Which really sucks, and the worst part was the lady interviewing me was really pushy. She accused me of not being ready to commit to my future, which i thought was a harsh statement. I am totally ready to commit to my future, I did it once already just a year when i married Ian. The problem now, is with the house mortgage and, everything we just can't afford me not working. So Ian had made another suggestion of maybe going to business, and finishing up my associates degree. I really need to call Meramec and get a copy of my transcript, to see how many of my credits would transfer. I guess i just really want to finish school so i have something i can be proud of myself for.. Don't get me wrong, i have a great job that i love, and i am very lucky to have fell into a career with no education like i did. But i have really gone as far as i can. I have been in the Optometry field for almost 10 years, and am i getting a little bored. I have always had the dream of opening a small used book store, and now that we are in New Town i might be able to. At least Business school could give me an idea on how to run it. It's so funny, i already have it all planned out. I want to open a pet friendly book store, that sells used books, magazines etc, but also dog treats and toys. I will call it "Happy Tales" get it, it's kind of cheesesy i know. But so am i.. Well gotta go, i have a hot fudge cake in the oven calling my name

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