Monday, August 17, 2009

An exciting weekend for a change..

Friday night after work we saw District 9. I had mixed feelings at first when Ian said he wanted to see this at the theater. But then he went on Rotten Tomatoes and saw the rating it got. It was really high, so we saw it. I loved it.. i must say maybe one of the best movies i saw all summer. I never thought i would get teary eyed in a Sci Fi flick. But i almost did, i really cared about the Prawns. Especially the little kid one...

Saturday had to get up and work as usual. But Saturday night we went out with some people from my work. We went to Fast Eddie's first which was ok. The drinks were good, and really cheap, but all the food except for the french frys were to spicy for me. Plus it was really crowded, we had to fight for the tables we had, and then you have to defend your chairs the whole time. We stayed there for a while, and then headed to the Holiday Inn for Karaoke. It was the most fun i have had in a while. A couple people from our group sang, and were really good. I sang a few times but wasn't really taking it seriously i was just goofing around.

And then something really scary happened yesterday. Ian was driving to Dierbergs, and i asked him if he wanted to go to Petco too. Well he took the turn a little fast, and came close to a guy on a motorcycle who failed to yield at the sign. We kept driving and parked at Petco, and then the guy parks next to us, gets off his bike and tries to open Ian's door. Luckily it was locked then the guy started banging on the window telling ian to roll down the f####@# window, and ian said no, the banged a little mirror yelling at him to slow down in bleeping parking lot. Finally he left, and went somewhere else, we were afraid the guy might come back, and do something to my car while we were inside.

This weekend is gonna be great.. i can't wait. We are driving down to Kansas City after i get off work for the weekend. The plan is to see "Inglorious Bastards" with one of our good friends. It's really the whole reason we are going down there is to see it with him. All 3 of us having been waiting for this movie all summer, so it better not disappoint. I think we are also going to go to Crown Plaza, and maybe the zoo. We will see what happens, we won't get in until really late friday night. Hopefully they have a really late showing. We are staying at a hotel on friday, and staying in the guest apartment at my dads work on sat. So i just have to clean the house, and make it through one week of work.. Who knows maybe i will get my new tattoo this weekend too. I have been kind of wanting it before i do the Trash the Dress picture shoot. The problem is that i have decided what i want and were to put it, but i can't decide on a color. I am going to get a heart shaped peace sign on the inside of my left wrist, but im not sure if i want it to be bright and colorful like purple or just black. Ian says i should get in rainbow, but that might send the wrong message.. What do you think????

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