Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trash/ Celebrate the Dress

I have finally found a photographer i love for our Trash the dress/ celebrate the dress session. I met and talked with her today. I took all 3 wedding albums down, and we discussed ideas and locations. We decided that my fancy st louis wedding dress is the one i am going to "trash". But i am not really going to trash it much. We are just going to do alot of stuff with water, and thats the one i decided to get wet. My other dress we are going to be a little more careful with. We decided to do alot of pictures here in New Town, and we are also going to do some at the graffiti wall downtown at the riverfront. Ian is going to be in some of them too, they are going to be pretty causal. He's just going to wear dark jeans, a white button down shirt,and maybe a tie. I'm just going to have my hair down, and do my own makeup, and might wear the veil in some. We are even going to have the dogs in some.. I am so excited!!! Right now we have a tentative date of Sunday Sept 30, but we might do it sooner... PICS TO COME SOON!!!

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