Sunday, July 26, 2009

Last weekend Ian accidentally left my car unlocked. Well some asshole who lives in New Town decided to take advantage of the opportunity. When we woke up the next morning my glove box was open, and my beloved TOM TOM was missing. Called and reported it, and believe it or not i actually got it back. Pretty lucky right. well don't worry who ever did it, got whats coming to them. We heard that they broke into ten cars that night. They got two guns that we know of, and rumor has it they are being evicted from New Town. Pretty harsh, but they shouldn't be messing with other peoples stuff.

Last Wednesday we were both off work so we went to the Zoo. I managed to get a few good pictures before my camera went dead.

We went down to South County last night to hang out with Kyle. We got there much later than planned, went to dinner, and bowling, and then Kyle was tired. So me and Ian went and saw 500 Days Of Summer. It was a really good movie, kind of sad but i still enjoyed it.

Today we got up early and drove back to South County. We had breakfast we my family. We haven't seen them in over a month. We went to Pet Smart and got some treats for the dogs, and then went to my parents house and played with the dogs for a while. OMG Cooper is huge, i wasn't paying attention and he knocked me in the stomach with a giant paw, and i think im going to have a paw shaped bruise. He's so cute though, i wish i could have a giant dog again. It makes me really miss Grady. Anyways here are some pics.

I'm thinking of playing games again... Any suggestions....

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  1. Must Ian always ruin things? He should make almost ruining Christmas up to you by introducing you to Portal and Team Fortress 2.