Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The dress is trashed!

My dress is trashed. We had a great time we didn't have as much time as i wanted. We forgot about the stupid Rams game. We got stuck in traffic and took a wrong turn on a one way street. But we got some assistance from a friendly cop. LOL. Anways here is our preview. Have more pics soon i hope.

We saw Zombieland this weekend it was really good. Not your typical zombie movie, had a great storyline. And one of the most amazing cameos ever!! I'm not going to ruin it for anyone, but lets just say it was surprising.

The Halloween Party is coming up really fast. We the house decorated, its almost done. Just needs a few final touches. I got everything for my costume. Just decided to take the easy way out and be a Witch. We still haven't decided for sure what kind of food we will have. Thinking about having hamburgers, hotdogs, maybe chili, some dips, and sweet stuff.

Fall is definitely my favorite time of year. Most likely going to Stuckmeyers Pumpkin farm on sunday after Alex's bday party. We will get some pumpkins to carve for the party and then go again with the puppies after the party. It should be fun taking both of them at the same time. There is a alot of fall stuff going on in Newtown too. The day before halloween they are having a "Hoedown" , and Halloween there is a party and a craft fair. Plus we are going to another Halloween party the weekend after ours.

Just a few more months till Maui!! I can't wait. It can't come fast enough. It will be strange not being with my side of the family on christmas. But it hasn't been the same since Gramma died anyways. I need to start Christmas shopping soon. I have a few ideas for certain people, but others im just clueless.

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  1. Great pics! You two look great!

    Oh, BTW Hobby Lobby has giant forks and spoons in black.