Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My new camera is great!! I love it so much. I really think my pictures are improving.
Yesterday was our 2nd wedding anniversary. I got Ian a guitar pedal specially made by the artist and personalized. I think he likes it!! Dr Scientist even included a t shirt!!
And i got a cactus which me and the girls from work named Pretty Darn Prickly.. but he goes by PD for short.. Get pd as in pupilary distance.. eye doctors office never mindAnd....I know you are thinking i have way too many cameras already... But in my defense only 3 are in working order... But this one is a good every day camera, plus it has a screen on the front so we can take pics together and know what they look like as we are taking it. Which is a great feature for a couple with no one to take pictures for us. Besides aren't you glad it wasn't another pet... LOL Our zoo is full.

We are going to the flea market and junk yard on sunday and im thinking of bring the olympus. There could be some interesting photo opportunities there. I know every weirdo with a camera thinks they are an amateur photographer, but its fun and i needed a hobby other than just reading.

Oh ya i almost forgot i am trying to be more active so we are walking after work, and i also got some roller skates. It's funny to watch me try to skate but hopefully i will start improving soon. It's better than sitting on my butt all day right?? And i want to start swimming but i have never been a good swimmer. But i like being outside more than i used to. I am tanner this year than i have ever been in the last few years. Now i just need to talk Ian into letting me buy my canoe for the lake at new town...... Hint hint....

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  1. Cute dogs, your camera takes great shots. Found you on bloglovin..new follower. How do you handle all those pets. I have one dog and one cat and they keep me busy..lol